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Features: Integrated Sensing System

  • CNT-Sensor(Chemical + Temperature + Humidity + Pressure) Sensors + Signal-conditioning and Data capture circuit
  • Chemical sensor consisting of 32 sensing array
  • Highly sensitive, fast response, low power on chemical vapor detection
  • Chemical identification via the unique signal patterns of 32 sensors
  • Scaled noise filtered output
  • FIFO capability to capture 35 sensor data at every 0.5 seconds
  • 35-channel digital outputs via USB
  • Selective 4-channel analog outputs via DAC
  • FPGA register mapping (sampling frequency, voltage or resistance output) available per request
  • System operation software (valve, pump, OLED display, alarm, LEDs) available per request
  • UART interface between PC and FPGA/Microcontroller
  • 100% Calibrated

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